Who are we?

We are CoderGals, an organization that represents a group of people coming from a developing country, with the enthusiasm of building exciting things using technology.

Our initial goal was to enhance the presence of girls/women in the IT field, empower them to be part of the tech industry, but due to the extensive requests for our events, we've started to include all the enthusiasts in one place, no matter the gender :)

We've started with the official events in 2017 with our first competitive event, take a look here.

Many interesting things have happened since then :)

Please take a look at these links to learn more about us:

CoderGals wins the bid for DebConf21, CoderGals hosts Remembrance day hackathon, CoderGals hosts Connect the Dots hackathon

Other important resources: CoderGals in twitter

We will be publishing new events soon!

Our Themes!

Connect the dots Hackathon will be based on three main themes described below.

Open Source

On Open Source we work and learn how to contribute, launch a new project, make a PR, browse data, and build a healthy community of contributors. Whether you are new to code or ready to contribute to a big project, there are a few ways to get involved, one of them is to become part of Connect the Dots hackathon. This time, contributing is a competition and a learning space, coding on an open source project it's going to be fun!


"Do not deploy on Friday!" As Software Engineers, we keep looking for opportunities to learn and grow, because working in big teams can teach us many things we do not experience on our own projects. Now, we are learning step by step about the scalable projects, different user roles, and user stories. Coding on corporate challenge it's going to be fun too!


Code your idea out! We know that 48hours are more than enough for a software geek to publish out the prototype as a solution for an existing problem, or a new one, who knows! The best thing is that you can come up with your own project or select one from the event. Coding on MVP project it's going to be fun for real!
Can I apply?
If you're a Software Engineer with up to 2 years of experience in Web/Mobile development, than YES!

If you're a Software Engineer who's excited to be part of competitions and events where the diversity is the key, than YES!
Are there any limitations?
The only limitation is that we will be accepting applications only from these countries:

1. Kosovo
2. Albania
3. North Macedonia
4. Montenegro.

Last Hackathon

Here are some projects you can view from our last edition which happened in 2017.
Phone Client

Clicking a tel: link in an application such as Firefox can start a pop-up window with these elements in the GUI: the phone number to be called, a "Call" button that...

Scraping FX exchange

Scraping FX exchange rates from the Reuters website

Phone Video Calls

PhoneVideoCalls is a communication tool developed in Laravel framework. It supports voice, video and chat messaging using the SIP protocol over WebSockets.

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Keep contributing to open source & we will see you next year!